Individual psychotherapy session

Here clients are provided psychological treatment that focuses on a single aspect of a problem. A therapy package usually consists of several weekly sessions of this individual appointments. After finishing one therapy package, clients are recommended to take follow-up or monitoring sessions after one month, three months, six months and one year to encourage independence and make sure that the effect of the therapy stays.

Group psychotherapy session

A psychotherapy session for a group of two or three people. The group can consist of people having the same problems or couple or a client and a caregiver.

Questionnaires for diagnosis and monitoring

With the help of psychological measures, our psychologist can confidently establish a working diagnosis for our clients. In the first visit, an instrument will be used to diagnose the current mental status of our client. In addition, questionnaires are used every two meetings to track the progress of our client.

Structured interview for diagnostic purposes

When needed, our psychologist will perform a standardized interview to gather further information about the matter disclosed by our client. A thorough understanding about the client’s matter will help our psychologist establish a working diagnosis and tailor a treatment plan that is best suited for our client.


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