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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Tono, a 29-year-old male marketing executive, consistently questioned whether or not he was “good enough.” Throughout the workday, he would repeatedly compare himself to his coworkers and worry whether his work was up-to-par.

Tono was regularly assigned work that took 1-2 hours to complete. Nevertheless, he would feel the need to mentally prepare. His procrastination resulted in him taking 8-9 hours to complete his workload.

Around the office, he was known for being kind and talkative. He would communicate with his coworkers via chat on a near-hourly basis. In the instance that his friend did not immediately reply, he began doubting himself, worrying, “did I say the wrong thing?”

Tono began experiencing insomnia due to his need to read and reread his chat history, trying to figure out what he said wrong. The stress he experienced resulted in him losing sleep, and his exhaustion further compromised his job performance.

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